Managing mental health in the workplace post Covid 19.

Like many other organisations, we have recently upped our home working game with the help of online platforms such as zoom and teams. In the early days this sudden change of working was viewed negatively, but our team, like many others soon embraced the many positives of home working i.e the home workers outfit- smart top and brushed hair for the camera styled with fluffy slippers and food covered PJ bottoms hidden under the desk as well as Netflix and lunch and Zoom quiz nights. 

And just as quickly as our working lives changed, it seems the world is getting ready for us to now return, but are we ready to return to the world?

We do not yet know what the mental health impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic will be, but it seems reasonable to presume that the impact of lockdown, ongoing restrictions, social distancing and social isolating will affect us more than just physically. This is confirmed by the Centre for Mental Health who suggest that it would be reasonable to expect an additional 500,000 people to experience metal health problems in the UK alone. 500,000 EXTRA people- WOW!

So surely the obligatory return to work risk assessments required by all organisations should be inclusive and comprehensive of returning workers physical AND mental health.

So what can organisations do to support mental wellbeing at work?

Having the skills to identify staff/ team members who may need additional support and being able to utilise and specialise the support as needed is a fundamental skill in the mental coronavirus fight. A healthy and proactive team is ultimately the goal so ensuring effective team work and early identification within the team is key. Communication is key, always, as is open conversations paired with silent respect of individual circumstances. 

Henry ford famously said:

‘coming together is a beginning,

Staying together is progress

And working together is success’.

For that reason, Rossett Training, partnered with ILM and QNUK are offering the following courses to support the return to work battle. 

Level 1 Mental Health Awareness Award – half day training

ILM Effective Team Member Certificate – self-paced learning over  3-6 months

Level 2 Infection prevention and control

All the above are available for individual members of staff, teams or organisation wide.  Please see website for current offers on prices.

For more information, please email or call 01978 661010.

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