A love note to our unsung hero's...

At Rossett Training we are privileged to work alongside a number of fantastic care homes; Yesterday one of these homes was thrown into the public eye after details of their horrific and ongoing battle with COVID-19 was released.

Last night following the multiple media stories, I was privileged enough to talk to one of my learners from this setting who is herself recovering from contracting COVID-19.

To say the conversation was emotional and enlightening is an understatement. She explained how prior to contracting COVID-19, she would spend entire shifts sitting with residents whilst their bodies battled with the effects of this awful virus until they eventually succumbed and took their final breaths; these were individuals who were not at the end of their life prior to the outbreak. This was not just one individual but multiple with the number of losses to life heartbreakingly expected to rise.

She explained how her, and her colleagues would work round the clock to ensure that all unfortunate individuals were never alone during the time leading to their passing. They would spend their days and nights loaded with PPE, anxiety and heartbreak as they set about trying to make it through this god-awful situation- and the end is still unfortunately not in site.

Can you imagine how emotionally and physically draining this must be, day in, day out- pure heartbreak with no reprieve. The only time these inspiring individuals have had time to emotionally recover and process is if, and when they have contracted the virus themselves and are sent home to isolate- hardly a recovery.

But still they carry on. They do, so that our most vulnerable population are not alone, so they are not scared, and that their physical and emotional needs are met.

Heartbreakingly the care home that I refer to is not the only one that is or has been in this situation. These care homes have remained vigilant and in full lock down since the very beginning but still this clever little virus has wormed its way in.

There is no blame to be placed for when it does- the homes are staffed with underpaid and overworked individuals who continue to do this job despite it’s under acknowledgment for the simple reason that they care. They would never knowingly allow this virus in. The management of these homes is not to blame, they too love the staff and individuals within their care homes- I can not imagine the heartbreak they are currently feeling.

Please don’t underestimate this virus. You may, like me, know people who have contracted COVID-19 and been fine and convinced yourself that this virus is not as bad as we originally feared. You are wrong. It is just as bad, if not worse. You may be young, strong, and resilient but please don’t forget that not everyone is. We must protect our vulnerable population, at all costs.

Please, if you are reading this, try and imagine working in one of these homes, living in one, having family members living in one and next time you long for life to return to normal and consider relaxing your precautions…. Don’t.

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