QNUK: Level 2 Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Conditions

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This qualification develops knowledge of mental health conditions and supports learners understanding of a range of mental health conditions. Learners will define each condition, understand possible causes and how they impact the individual and others around them. Learners will explore how each condition can be managed by the individual, how others can help, and support and sources of local help are identified.

Duration: 3 months

How we will work with you:

Depending on your preference, we can provide you with an online or written portfolio and guide you to a large number online resources and activities. Your tutor will keep up to date with your progress via phone or email and together you will develop a personal learning plan that will allow you to learn in a way the best suits you.

Course Content:

You will be taught to:

  • The context of mental health

  • The causes, management and impacts of:

    • Stress

    • Anxiety

    • Phobias

    • Depression

    • Post natal depression

    • Bi-polar disorder

    • Schizophrenia

    • Dementia

    • Eating disorders

    • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

    • Obsessive compulsive disorder

    • Post traumatic stress disorder

Assessment Structure: 

Portfolio of Evidence: You will required to provide evidence of written work and professional discussions.